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Montreal Fashion Colleges programs
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On this page we will list all of the programs we offer. Please check in often because we will frequently update the programs offered.

The colleges we propose you, offers collegiate level programs designed to develop hands-on knowledge and experience to thrust them in a high demand career in the fields of design and technology. The training is given entirely by industry professionals presently active in their businesses, and the installations and equipment meet industry standards and requirements.

All the existing programs yield a collegiate degree (AEC) recognized by the Canadian Government. the courses are designed so you are fully trained in a fast pace learning environment lasting 12 to 14 months. We presently can offer to New York students 3 starting semesters, i.e. autumn, winter and spring. Students can start their studies at the semester of their choice, and they can attend on a full or part time basis. Also, all the programs are given in french or english and we concentrate our education on career programs and industry specific knowledge; therefore, we do not emphasize on more general programs and non industry-specific courses.

Fashion Shows
There is many fashion shows in Montreal!


Montreal as many famous designers like: Simon Chang, NadyaToto, Jean Airoldi, Nygard International, Dubuc mode de vie, Shan, Lus Laroche etc.



Foreign students may be admitted if they have a student visa. To obtain a student visa, the candidate must provide the following:

1. An acceptance letter from the Academy.
2. Proof of payment for the first term’s tuition fees.
3. A demonstration of the financial capacity to live in Canada.
4. A sworn written statement from a financial supporter.
5. A valid passport.
6. A certificate of good health (see specific requirements from a Canadian Embassy).
7. A return airplane ticket (valid for one year).
8. Proof of academic results obtained.

Quebec the land of Celine Dion
Not only celine, but le cirque du Soleil, Gino Vanelli, Frank Marino and many others great artists!

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